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Rocky Lake Cabins


One benefit of having a web site is being able to list our rates for rooms and other services.

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Cabin, Campground Rates

Our cabin rates vary, depending on how many people the cabin will be accomodating. We do have fixed rates to start with, and additional charges are added per extra person. 
Our rates are as follows:
Camping rates are:

Things you need to bring along for your trip...

We try to provide as much as we can to make your stay, and your trip most convenient.  There are certain things, due to costs and availability that we cannot provide for you.  We do have a restaurant on site, but you may want to bring your own food to cook.  Towels, hygiene items, and personal toiletries are not provided here for you.


Magnificent view from our rocky shores..

Rocky Lake Cabins Wanless, Manitoba, Canada